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Kent Waterjet Cutting Ltd

The Profile Cutters you can depend on for a quick turn around

Kent Waterjet Cutting Ltd, have been trading since July 2004 from our factory near Ramsgate in Kent, our business along with our experience has grown considerably during these subsequent years. Having started work initially providing profile cutting service to the sign trade we have now extended this to encompass profiling for a wide range of engineering companies and the materials used by them.
We have cut 25mm thick glass that predated the Titanic, artistic sculptures for the ceiling in Heathrow’s terminal Five and exhibits for the Chelsea Flower show.
As an example the manufacturers of pressure vessels have benefited considerably as we can cut flange rings from 4 meters by 2meters sheets, 50mm thick 316 stainless steel, with the prime cost saving coming from our ability to cut rings within rings, for different size vessels, with minimum waste and machining.
From Christmas decoration profiles for the top stores in London, to steel for imitation cross bows to be used in battle re enactments, from large curved terraced garden patios, cut from 75mm limestone sheets or plain garden slabs, have all been profiled by us, which demonstrates our ability to diversify and exploit the full capabilities of our water jet cutting machine.