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Kent Waterjet Cutting Ltd

The Profile Cutters you can depend on for a quick turn around

The flexibility of abrasive waterjet technology is creating a new era in the use of hard permanent materials such as stainless steel, glass, and stone. Kent Waterjet’s goal is to help you create your ultimate design in materials that most would normally consider impractical to use in a cost effective way. We have the skills, technology and technical resource to create profiles that up until now would have required several processes, along with extended time and labour costs.

Kent Waterjet can create your required profile. Almost any material can be accurately cut and combined with any other material into designs specific to your needs.

KWC can provide profile-cutting support to nearly every type of engineering workshop or manufacturing industry, we can take on batch production of component parts or one off specialised profiles. Our machine can accept sheet sizes up to 3000mm x 1500mm and thicknesses up to 150mm.
Waterjet cutting is a significant manufacturing technology that offers important new options in the cutting of materials. All types of materials from shim stock to 150mm thick steel are viable with abrasive Waterjet cutting.

Materials that have few, if any, machining options, such as glass, composites, layered materials, foams, and
ceramics are easily cut.

  • No Mechanical Stress
  • No Heat Distortion
  • Optimal Use of Materials / Nesting
  • Cost effective high quality edges / Intricate cuts
  • Choice of Edge Qualities and accuracy