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Kent Waterjet Cutting Ltd

The Profile Cutters you can depend on for a quick turn around


120mm Granite Slab Cut down
the middle. This was cut slowly
but was no problem for our
old Waterjet Sweden Machine

10mm Ceramic Tiles cut in a bespoke design. The pattern was taken from a photo which we scanned and uploaded into our Auto Cad based program. We then smoothed the lines out and added the 3mm grout lines.

Once the customer agreed they were happy with the layout we cut the different sections from the various coloured tiles. As the tiles came off the machine we numbered them so that when they arrived on site it could be easily assembled into this beautiful eye catching floor centre piece.

Our Friends at OO Racing have been at it again this time helping a customer who couldn't get his 1922 Leyland Special running on more than 4 cylinders. With Adrian's vast knowledge of Engines and our cutting abilities she runs again.

Left: Adrian's SU Jag Carb modified to fit

Middle: Distributer Plate inserts

Below: The Leyland 1922 Special